Popular Suitcase Brands - Most popular brands for you to choose

What are the most popular brands?

A suitcase made from high impact durable polypropylene is designed to withstand excessive baggage handling. Central combination lock and two sides catches for added security. Smooth rolling wheels and spring loaded side towing handle for easy mobility. Internal fittings include a pair of elasticized cross straps and a handy side pocket. Set of adhesive initials for personalization. Luggage in any form has one of those vital accessories that in a world of modern travel, people just canít live without.

The following pages inform you about few brands that are popular.

Samsonite: It is one of the world's most popular brands. They have a full line-up of Samsonite collections, one of which is sure to fit for travelling needs. High-tech materials and functional designs make these cases essential gear for constant travellers. Its various styles include lightweight, carryon, wheeled cases, totes, toiletry kits, specialty bags, hard-sided cases and more. Moreover, they offer a quality name brand at competitive online prices. They take pride in their product knowledge and service that they provide to their customers.

Antler: Antler on the other hand, is pure creativity and innovative technology fused together to create a subtle shimmering metallic finish, delivering outstanding lightness with tough durable strength. These are adjustable with a removable strap. Its combination padlock is for security. Antler provides a 7 year guarantee against faults in workmanship or materials.

Delsey: Delsey is the worlds second largest manufacturers of suitcases. Delsey manufacture not less than three million items of luggage every year and these Suitcases are sold on five continents.